Dr. Derek Murphy

Almost four years ago I intr oduced myself here a husband and a father to two knucklehead boys... I still am. I am also an internist by training and board certification. I was born and raised in central Indiana and have called this home my entire life. Growing my roots from the Osteopathic background; I attended the founding school of Osteopathic Medicine (now ATSU) in Kirksville, Missouri and graduated in 2004. I had the opportunity to really develop from experiences training in Detroit, Michigan and surrounding hospitals in the early 2000s. There I turned into a big Detroit Sports fan with the Tigers topping the list. I would have never imagined how much that experience prepared me for so much of what I have been through in my career. Medicine unfortunately has become more of a patient number and diagnosis code. I take that variable out of our equation. I want to know you and want you to know what we are doing for you.

The past four years have been the happiest professional years of my career. I think it has something to do with the idea I am able to practice medicine my way; which is the right way. I have found the fun in "doctoring" again. We are the doctors office with caring staff who gives you the time you need to get the problems listened to and appropriately treated. I want to thank every one of our growing number of patients so far for supporting what we are doing for you and your healthcare...

Lexi Yoo N.P.

Lexi is a double board certified nurse practitioner in the areas of family and pediatric medicine. She has a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Purdue University, and a Master’s from IUPUI as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She began her nursing career at Riley hospital for children where she worked in the areas of neonatal and pediatric intensive care and eventually moved onto becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner for the Riley surgical and trauma team. After 6 years at Riley, she moved to an urgent care system where she treated a majority of pediatric sicknesses and urgent visits. Lexi decided to expand her knowledge and obtained her Post Master’s degree in Family practice. She has a special interest in pediatrics, woman’s health and a focus in medically supervised weight loss.

She has presented on topics such as Obesity in Pregnancy for the Marion Co. health department, the Obesity epidemic and medically supervised weight loss modalities. She enjoys helping patient’s become a better version of themselves and achieving whole wellness through nutrition, fitness and life balance. She and her husband enjoy spending time with their twins, and staying active through CrossFit. Lexi is also bilingual in Spanish, and welcomes any future patients to the practice.

**You do not need to be an existing patient or become a new patient of Dr. Derek Murphy to receive the SmartByte System.


There are about as many ways to try to lose weight as there are contacts in your phone.  SmartByte is a completely different approach.  While you still have to be conscious about your food selection and nutrition with whatever approach you are using – the device itself is mindless.  Clinical studies have shown that people, who used SmartByte while they ate, lost weight. SmartByte is a system that can help many different types of patients – from those who are new to weight management to those who are frustrated from years of failed dieting and yo-yo results. For patients who want to learn how to lose weight and maintain that loss - behavior is the answer.  If we look at the behavior of patients who have had procedures – they all have to eat differently.  Through the years, my contention with every patient who has ever considered these procedures has been that they have to eat differently -  they have to change their diet,  they have to change their lifestyle, and they have to change their approach to food which is a learned behavior. The SmartByte System can be their answer.

When considering the numerous medications and procedures that we are using, I do not believe that there is a more safe product than the SmartByte System. 

-Dr. Derek Murphy


I have tried many different ways to lose weight from prescription pills to low calorie diets. Despite some initial weight loss, I have always had trouble maintaining my results and felt like I always needed to look for the next solution. I love that SmartByte isn’t surgery or a pill but is a simple device with a mobile app and coaching program. With SmartByte, I am no longer a fast eater. Now I can eat a meal and feel full before I finish. Eating more slowly also allows me to enjoy eating more. The SmartByte coaching program has kept me motivated by focusing on tiny little victories and I love that I don’t have to give up the foods I enjoy. 

-Jennette, SmartByte Patient, Lost 8.5 Pounds in 2 Months*

I have been serious about my weight for seven years. Although I had success in the early years, results had leveled off.  I chose the SmartByte System because my doctor recommended it.  SmartByte has helped me to slow down so I feel full while eating less.  My coach has helped to improve what I eat while I still eat the foods I enjoy.  I’m now confident that I’ll finally be able to manage my weight and achieve my goals.

- Chuck, SmartByte Patient, Lost 20 Pounds in 3 Months*

“I was frustrated with the lack of results I had seen when trying to manage my weight on my own, so I asked my doctor for a recommendation. He recommended the SmartByte System because it is clinically-proven and doesn’t require surgery. I found that I quickly formed a relationship with my personal coach and she helped me to make small changes to my dietary and everyday choices to live a healthy lifestyle. So far, I have seen better results than I was ever able to reach alone. The SmartByte System has been great in helping me to reach my goals. I look and feel better thanks to SmartByte.”

-  Elizabeth, SmartByte Patient, Lost 10.5 pounds in 3 Months**

SmartByte does not work for everyone and individual results may vary.


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An FDA-cleared medical device that’s custom molded to comfortably fit in your mouth

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Personal coaching by certified weight loss professionals who will customize the program to you

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A self-monitoring app that automatically tracks your SmartByte Device usage and weight loss over time

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A compact travel case so you can take SmartByte wherever you go

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A handbook with everything that you need to know about your SmartByte journey



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In clinical studies, people using SmartByte 60% of meals lost 7.2% total body weight and 75% excess body weight in only 4 months.1

SmartByte has been studied in 5 clinical trials with over 300 people.  Based on the safety and effectiveness results from 2 of these clinical trials, the FDA cleared SmartByte for sale in September 2016.  Results from the 2 additional clinical trials have been published in distinguished medical journals.

In clinical studies, people using SmartByte as directed (33% of meals) lost 38% excess body weight (4.4% total body weight, 8.8 lbs. for a 200 lb. person) in 4 months. People who did not use SmartByte as directed lost an average 14.6% excess body weight in 4 months. 

In a published clinical trial, people ate 533 fewer calories per day by using SmartByte.2 It takes 3,500 calories to burn 1 pound of fat. It’s well known in medical literature that losing weight has a positive impact on improving health.3

The SmartByte Device is intended to aid in weight management in overweight to obese individuals. The device is indicated for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) in the range 27-35 kg/m2 in conjunction with behavioral modification instruction. SmartByte is not for people with eating disorders or who are pregnant. Individual results may vary.



Wearable device with no prescription
drugs or surgical procedures


Personal coach to help you achieve
& maintain your goals


FDA-cleared based on multiple trials
& prescribed by your doctor


Only use when you eat; add diet
& exercise to fit your lifestyle

The SmartByte Device is intended to aid in weight management in overweight to obese individuals. The device is indicated for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) in the range 27-35 kg/m2 in conjunction with behavioral modification instruction. SmartByte is not for people with eating disorders or who are pregnant. Individual results may vary.

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** Based on the experiences of a typical person using the SmartByte System.