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I have been serious about my weight for seven years. Although I had success in the early years, results had leveled off.  I chose the SmartByte System because my doctor recommended it.  SmartByte has helped me to slow down so I feel full while eating less.  My coach has helped to improve what I eat while I still eat the foods I enjoy.  I’m now confident that I’ll finally be able to manage my weight and achieve my goals.

- Chuck, SmartByte User, Lost 20 Pounds in 3 Months*

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My weight had been steadily climbing for years and my many attempts to manage my weight had just not worked.  My doctor finally got my attention when he told me that my weight was seriously affecting my health.  She recommended SmartByte and it was a great fit for me. I chose the SmartByte System because I wanted to find a program that would not only help me lose weight but would also give me the confidence that I could keep it off. 

- Karen, SmartByte User, Lost 10 pounds in 4 months**

As a Medical Assistant, I was immediately excited about the SmartByte System because it was completely different than anything I had seen before. Having struggled with my weight for some time, I was drawn to the program since it’s a non-invasive approach to weight management that includes the accountability of a personal coach. Choosing the SmartByte System was an easy choice because I believe that each component can be successful on its own, however combining them together will make it almost impossible for me to fail.

-Kristen, SmartByte User, Lost 10 Pounds in 4 Months*

I am so pleased with my SmartByte system. I have lost 13 pounds in 4 weeks and made major lifestyle changes. One of the many benefits to the SmartByte, which is true genius, is that there are no psychological or emotional effects that come with the device, as there are with the more invasive weight loss solutions. With the SmartByte, I am in complete control. The other options are permanent and would be in control of me. Now I am taking personal responsibility and accountability for my health. I can't wait to see what a year of wearing the device will do for me. I also wanted to add that I love my coach Lisa. Our weekly talks and the accountability she provides are a huge part of my success.

-Penny, SmartByte User, Lost 13 Pounds in 1 Month*

I’ve had some success in losing weight over the years but it always comes right back and then some.  I was excited about SmartByte because it has the ability to change how I eat, not just what I eat.  SmartByte has helped me to slow down and eat more mindfully which is something that I’ve struggled with for years.  My coach has also helped me to change my overall approach to eating so that I actually enjoy more while eating less.  I now feel like these changes will finally last.                  

-  Lorie, SmartByte User, Lost 12 pounds in 3 months**

SmartByte does not work for everyone and individual results may vary.

I have tried many different ways to lose weight from prescription pills to low calorie diets. Despite some initial weight loss, I have always had trouble maintaining my results and felt like I always needed to look for the next solution. I love that SmartByte isn’t surgery or a pill but is a simple device with a mobile app and coaching program. With SmartByte, I am no longer a fast eater. Now I can eat a meal and feel full before I finish. Eating more slowly also allows me to enjoy eating more. I don’t have to give up the foods I enjoy. 

-Jennette, SmartByte User, Lost 8.5 Pounds in 2 Months*

I was frustrated with the lack of results I had seen when trying to manage my weight on my own, so I asked my doctor for a recommendation. He recommended the SmartByte System. So far, I have seen better results than I was ever able to reach alone. The SmartByte System has been great in helping me to reach my goals. 

-  Elizabeth, SmartByte User, lost 10.5 pounds in 3 months**

I chose the SmartByte System because I wanted to find a program that would not only help me control my weight but could also help me keep the weight off. SmartByte’s combination of a device to help me slow down and a personal coach to guide me to success is perfect combination for me. I’ve been very happy with the SmartByte System because it is helping me to achieve my weight loss goals.

-  Erica, SmartByte User, lost 8 pounds in 2 months*

Weight Management becomes a lifelong goal for every patient who has overweight or obesity. At first, the goal is decreasing weight, but then it is keeping the lost weight off. The SmartByte System provides patients with a non-invasive way to feel fullness sooner. It works by decreasing the oral volume so it takes longer to eat a meal, giving the brain time to register the fullness.  At the end of the day, people using the SmartByte System do not eat as much. Since the SmartByte System really helps patients modify their behavior effectively, it should have a long-lasting effect for most of them.

- J. Michael Gonzalez-Campoy, MD, PhD, FACE
Minnesota Center for Obesity, Metabolism and Endocrinology, PA (MNCOME)

There are about as many ways to try to lose weight as there are contacts in your phone.  SmartByte is a completely different approach.  While you still have to be conscious about your food selection and nutrition with whatever approach you are using – the device itself is mindless.  Clinical studies have shown that people, who used SmartByte while they ate, lost weight. SmartByte is a system that can help many different types of patients – from those who are new to weight management to those who are frustrated from years of failed dieting and yo-yo results. For patients who want to learn how to lose weight and maintain that loss - behavior is the answer.  They have to change their approach to food which is a learned behavior. The SmartByte System can be their answer. 

When considering the numerous medications and procedures that we are using, I do not believe that there is a more safe product than the SmartByte System.

-Derek Murphy, MD
Doctors Direct LLC


I prescribe the SmartByte System to give my patients a tool that helps them lose weight.  Most patients have struggled for years and are looking for something to help them overcome their barriers to losing weight. The SmartByte System is not medication and it is not surgery.  The SmartByte System offers patients a tool that fills the gap between simply dieting and more aggressive medical therapy.

- Amanda Powell, MD
Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

In my practice, once a therapy has solid research behind it, I find the next important thing is to have patient enthusiasm for the treatments I prescribe. I can say unequivocally that I have rarely seen patients so excited about a new treatment as they are with SmartByte which I am confident bodes well for compliance and powerful results.

Bruce W. Bode, MD, FACE
Atlanta Diabetes Associates

Is SmartByte Right for You?



Indications for Use
The SmartByte Device is intended to aid in weight management in overweight to obese individuals. The device is indicated for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) in the range 27-35 kg/m2 in conjunction with behavioral modification instruction.

Eating Disorder: Do not use the device if you have eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa (abnormally low body weight, intense fear of gaining weight, and distorted perception of body weight), or bulimia nervosa (eat large amounts of food and then purge (e.g., vomit) to not gain weight). The device is a weight management aid and is contraindicated (means do not use) in individuals with eating disorders. There may be safety risks if you have an eating disorder and use this device.

Pregnancy: Do not use the device if you are pregnant. The device is a weight management aid and weight loss is contraindicated in pregnancy. There may be safety risks if you are pregnant and use this device.

Risk Statement
SmartByte does not work for everyone and individual results may vary. The most common complications, which occur in less than 2% of people, are soreness in the mouth, gagging upon insertion of the device or momentary gagging of food during device use.

 For full safety information please click here, talk with your doctor, or call Customer Support at 978-655-4044.

CAUTION: Rx only.

* Data on file.

** Based on the experiences of a typical person using the SmartByte System.